Technical Competencies For Business Lawyers

The Section recently developed and launched its Competency Framework.

This Competency Framework effectively defines roles, responsibilities and expectations of organizational behaviour in a structured and analytical manner. It provides industry-wide standards by which business lawyers can be assessed and developed. It addresses non-legal as well as core legal skills in five different practice areas common to many business law practices namely; Commercial Litigation; Intellectual Property; Real Estate; Corporate; and Banking & Finance.

The vision behind the Business Law Competency Framework was to properly outline the competencies required for a business lawyer to be successful in various fields of practice.

The benefits of usage of the framework cannot be overemphasized as it ranges from providing clearly defined and objective standards of performance, common values, behaviours and priorities, objective means of defining and assessing proficiency. It is intended that the framework will be adopted by law firms and corporate organisations as well as our training partners to develop training programs at various level of proficiency.

The document addresses key areas of competencies such as:

Technical Competencies
It lists critical Technical Competencies for Business Lawyers in identified practice areas i.e. the knowledge and skill required for such practice area. It also provides for the proficiency expectations for each Technical Competency for the different levels of experience i.e. the level of expertise expected from Associates, Senior Associates, etc.

Workplace Competencies & General Legal Competencies
It identifies non-technical or soft skills & other incidental legal competencies which a Business Lawyer should possess for the different levels of experience i.e. the level of demonstrated expertise expected from Associates, Senior Associates, etc.

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