Mergers and Acquisition (M&A)

The Mergers, Acquisitions and Corporate Reorganisations Committee aims to be the foremost hub for the exchange of ideas, industry know-how and networking of corporate, corporate restructuring, private equity and M&A practitioners in Nigeria.

We also aspire to be the epicenter of legal development in M & A practice and procedure for upcoming practitioners.

The Committee’s mandate is to develop core areas of interest within M&A and Corporate Reorganisation law and practice, and to achieve this objective, the Committee aims to create several Working Groups from amongst our members to enable us pursue our goal of networking and continuing legal development in M & A and Corporate Reorganisation law and practice through three main initiatives:

  1. continue the legal development initiatives, by organizing seminars and training programmes to develop M & A capacity in the legal profession;
  2. identify areas in which we can strengthen the rules and regulations underpinning M&A and corporate reorganization practice and procedure and work with other stakeholders to achieve greater understanding, certainty and efficiency in the rules governing the practice; and
  3. well the rank of our members by sensitizing law firms, corporate organizations, regulators and independent practitioners to the benefits of joining our Committee and being active members thereof.

The Committee will foster more interaction amongst its members by having regular meetings and events, and well as encouraging dissemination of ideas by all Committee members through newsletters and driving the aims and objectives of the Working Groups. This Committee is chaired by Mrs. Olayemi Anyanechi.

Mrs. Olayemi Anyanechi

Committee Chairperson


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