The Insolvency & Restructuring Committee was newly established in 2021, under the SBL Council leadership of Mr Ayuli Jemide (Chairman).

About the RIC

The Restructuring and Insolvency Committee (RIC) of NBA SBL is an environment for commercial and business lawyers interested in Business Rescue, Restructuring and Insolvency practice whether from a transactional, litigation or cross border perspective.

Our goals are to:

Create avenues, through webinars and conferences, for capacity building in the area of local and cross border business rescue, restructuring and insolvency;

Keep our members up to date on the most recent issues, laws and best practices in relation to restructuring and insolvency practise;

Establish a faculty for training and certification of lawyers to be eligible for Corporate Affairs Commission’s authorisation to act as Restructuring and Insolvency Practitioners;

Expand our membership to all actors and stakeholders in the RI space in Nigeria.

Be relevant in reform and harmonisation of restructuring and insolvency (and related) laws through interaction with legislators, local and international bodies.

Benefits of joining RIC:

Business opportunities within the business and financial community locally and across borders;

Networking and Access assistance to regulatory agencies and trade organisations associated with the practice focus of this Committee;

Legislative reforms and subsidiary rulemaking opportunities for relevant areas of the law affecting the practice focus of this Committee;

Publication opportunities

Ayodele Kusamotu

Committee Chairperson


Ayodele Kusamotu

Pioneer Chairman