Employment, Labour & Industrial Relations

The Employment & Industrial Relations Committee of the NBA-SBL is a forum for lawyers to deliberate on pertinent legal issues affecting employment and industrial relations in Nigeria. The Committee continues to spearhead vital discussions on the employment relationship amongst employers/employees, trade unions, lawyers, human resource practitioners, and regulators of labour in Nigeria through its meetings and stakeholders’ forum.

The core objectives of the Committee are to deepen the capacity of lawyers (in-house, external, in government employment and in the academia) and other stakeholders in employment and industrial relations laws and practice and to positively influence legislation and policies in this ever-evolving area of law.

In recent times the Committee has become increasingly instrumental to the development of labour and employment law and practices in Nigeria. The Committee is a veritable source of information for lawyers and other stakeholders on recent legal developments in the industry including the rulings of the National Industrial Court and the thinking of its Judges. It has also been instrumental to the clamour by stakeholders for the review of extant labour laws through its constant interaction with the National Industrial Court as well as the Joint Committee on Labour and Productivity of the National Assembly.

The Committee continues to collaborate with the Training Committee of the NBA-SBL and other partners to provide continuous legal education and to build the capacity of lawyers and Human Resource Practitioners. This Committee is chaired by Mr. Anthony Nwaochei.

Mr. Ose Okpeku

Committee Chairperson



Ose Okpeku


Chukwuka Ikwuazom

Vice Chairman

Oghomwen Akpaibor


Oghomwen Akpaibor


Oghomwen Akpaibor



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