Corporate Governance and Compliance

The Corporate Governance & Compliance Committee was newly established in 2021, under the SBL leadership of Mr Ayuli Jemide (Chairman).

The NBA-SBL Corporate Governance and Compliance Committee was established to increase awareness of and enhance corporate governance and compliance best practice across all industries in Nigeria. It also seeks to harness the expertise, research and comparative knowledge flowing from other jurisdictions with a view to developing, expanding and reforming existing frontiers in the Nigerian corporate governance and compliance sphere. The Committee will achieve this objective through exploring collaborative mechanisms with members of the NBA (in-house lawyers inclusive), other professional gatekeepers, the government, regulators & policymakers, the community, civil society and other key stakeholders within the public and private sector.

The foregoing is necessitated by the emergence of good corporate governance and compliance structures as not only the cornerstone of effective and sustainable leadership, strong viable institutions but also the foundation for facilitating competitive advantage and profitability and stimulating capital market efficiency, economic growth and investments. Successful, integrity-driven and sustainable institutions are the building blocks of a prosperous economy and society.

In advancing the corporate governance agenda, the Committee will provide a forum for the professional development of legal practitioners (inclusive of lawyers in training) on robust corporate governance and compliance standards. It will also provide an avenue for impactful networking and collaboration for the purpose of exploring mutually beneficial opportunities.

Ayotola Jagun

Committee Chairperson


Ayotola Jagun

Pioneer Chairman