Capital Markets

The Capital Markets Committee (the “Committee”) was established under the auspices of the NBA-SBL. The Committee aims at promoting intellectual and professional development in the areas of capital markets, engaging key stakeholders in the industry towards stimulating awareness on topical issues in the capital market sphere as well as promoting international standards within the Nigerian capital markets.

The Committee also seeks to increase knowledge and promote best practices in the law and practice of its focus area among legal practitioners including lawyers in training. In this regard, the Committee hosts an annual Knowledge Impact Series (the “Series”) at The Nigerian Law School. The Series is aimed at providing an avenue for capacity building for students of the Nigerian Law School. Through such initiatives, the students are exposed to a practical perspective of the Nigerian and International Capital Markets. During the Series, students are given the opportunity to learn from and engage with seasoned capital market experts from top tier law firms in Nigeria. The Committee is chaired by Mr. Kalu Abosi.

Mr. Kalu Abosi

Committee Chairperson




Ayodeji Oyetunde

Vice Chairman

Azeezah Muse-Sadiq



Assistant Secretary